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Dry ice blasting is used in many different industries such as power generation, food & beverage processing, printing, pulp & paper, medical, rubber & plastic industries, disaster remediation, facilities maintenance, HVAC equipment, and more.


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Dry ice blasting is a superior cleaning system to other methods as it requires less prep time time, produces no secondary waste, and minimizes downtime compared to traditional methods. It saves our clients time and money, and leads to improved asset efficiency, reliability, and extended life.

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Dry Ice Blasting

​Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning system that accelerates solid carbon dioxide particles (dry ice) to supersonic speed, which explode, or sublimate, upon impact and remove contaminates from surfaces. This method is chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

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Dry Ice Blasting

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National Cold Clean, LLC is a dry ice blasting contractor in the Chicago and northern Illinois area.  We utilize an innovative technology to clean and prepare difficult surfaces and industrial machinery.  This is far superior to traditional ways of cleaning because there are no chemicals or toxins used in the process, and it does not produce any secondary waste such as water, sand, etc..  This means that we can get our clients back to their normal operations and production in far less time than traditional methods of cleaning.

We entered the market as CO2 Technologies in 2013 and have been dedicated to providing proper maintenance and care to all our customers' most prized assets. We help our clients maximize profits by extending the useful lives of their equipment, without halting production.  In 2022 we became National Cold Clean, LLC.


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