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Knowledge Equals Power.  Power Equals Strength.  

If you manufacture something, you create value.  You take some kind of material, enhance it, or process it into something more valuable.  You've invested time and money to add value to those materials.  You've also likely hired other people to help you add value to that product.  Providing jobs for other people allows them to add value to their lives, and their families.  

Manufacturing something in the United States is not easy.  Our government may be well-intentioned, but rules, regulations, tax policies, labor laws, etc. have driven many companies overseas, where it's cheaper to manufacture, and governments are more business-friendly.  While we support responsible business practices, we know the playing field is not level for American manufacturers.  We are very proud and grateful to those companies continue to manufacture in the United States.  You are truly what drives this country.  Most people, including your own employees don't realize that.  

One of the personal pleasures of owning our company is getting to see and understand different manufacturing processes.  While we're a service business, we truly understand the value that manufacturing companies provide communities, and our county.  We know that if we can help you ultimately save money, whether through reduced downtime, extended asset life, better quality, reduced labor costs, etc., we're helping you succeed.  If that happens we all win.  

The Goal of Our Knowledge Library

While we'd love to be your choice for dry ice blasting services, the main goal of this section is to provide

you with information about dry ice blasting.  Whether you choose us, or another contractor isn't as important

as understanding the benefits of dry ice blasting for your company.  

While we always want to grow our business, we recognize that this technology is so new that most people

don't even know it exists.  We've met many other great contractors around the country, who are committed to providing quality service like us.  Our biggest competition isn't other contractors.  It's old cleaning methods that are being used because people don't know about dry ice blasting.  We've met many other great contractors around the country, who share our thoughts, and are committed to driving value for their customers.  There are good contractors out there, who believe in what they do, and want to help you.  Feel free to call us if you'd like a recommendation for someone in your area. 

Case Studies

Please browse the attached files to learn more about industries that are benefiting from dry ice blasting technology.

Dry Ice Blasting Overview

Download the attached files to learn more about dry ice blasting and why it's the smart environmental choice for cleaning.


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